About Us

Situated in the hustle and bustle of the Frisco/Little Elm area, Mario’s Mexican and Salvadorian Restaurant is the perfect place for a lunchtime getaway or fine dining experience.

The brainchild of Mario Alfaro, who has been working in the restaurant business since 1982, Mario’s opened in 2009 as a premier place in the Metroplex for Salvadorian food. Before opening, Mario decided to expand the menu to include Mexican food. Let’s face it – his restaurant in the heart of D/FW, home to Tex-Mex fare - Sometimes you
have to please the masses.

And pleasing the masses is one of Mario’s specialties. Besides the restaurant’s authentic and mouth-watering menu, Mario’s specializes in providing friendly and exceptional service.

The layout at Mario’s is perfect for any size party. The bar area is usually hoppin’ during Happy Hour, and there’s plenty of room for events and social gatherings. Yet, it’s also cozy enough for private, intimate dining.

Mario’s extensive menu proves that there’s something for every palette. From Salvadorian cuisines to American food, everything is cooked to Mario’s liking, which is sure to be to your liking as well.

“Salvadorian is not spicy like some Mexican food,” he said. “We’re a little bit different than that. We bring more tropical flavor into our foods”. “But we also offer Tex-Mex for those craving fajitas or chalupas, and American food such as baby back pork ribs, the Mario Burger (1/2 pound burger served with bacon and French fries), and a grilled chicken sandwich. There’s something for everyone.”

A member of the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, Mario grew up learning how to cook from his mother, and always wanted to have a business. When he saw the Dallas Lemmon location available, he nabbed it, thus fulfilling his dream. “The restaurant has exceeded my expectations”, he said. Like most restaurants on Lemmon Avenue, Mario’s thrives on the weekends and on weekdays during lunch.

Mario’s Mexican and Salvadorian Restaurant has generated quite a following, thanks to a winning combination that all other restaurants strive for.

With the success of the Dallas location, Mario recently opened his second restaurant in Frisco. Located on Eldorado Parkway, it already has a waiting list on the weekends. Same delicious food, drinks and service.

“First, you got to have great food. That’s what gets me to Mario’s,” noted one regular customer. “Then there are the drinks, which is what keeps me here. And then there are the people that work here. You develop a rapport with them after one visit and they treat you like royalty here. Mario’s has all that, and that’s what will make you want to come back many more times.”


Authentically Mexican Food

We're sure that a Mexican Salvadorian restaurant, especially if it's the only such staple in a North Texas city, must look, feel and taste authentic! Our cooks put a lot of focus on rolling out an as wide range of traditionally Mexican, spices & fun induced menu items, as possible!


Fun & Festive Atmosphere

While one thing that Mexico is known for its spicy, nutritious and colorful food, the other one is its festivity! Our restaurant interior is tailored to meet all those expectations! From our colorful well-stocked bar, engaging interior atmosphere or our relaxing patio, Mario's Frisco is your next destination for amazing Mexican Salvadorian cuisine!


A Down to Earth Pricing

As the city of Frisco is not as pricey as California or New York, we decided that our menu should fall in line with that! That's the reason as to why our restaurant has such a reasonable, down-to-earth pricing for all of our menu items! On top of that, we always throw in some special discounts and the holiday discounts!