The celebration of Mexico and El Salvador's vibrant history and culture.

Centuries of conquest, independence and revolution have left us with a diverse culinary heritage and a generous appetite for festivity.

At Mario's Frisco, you will find authentic, homemade, Central Mexican Salvadorian cuisine in the warm, gracious atmosphere of a Mexican country estate. Our bar features a wide selection of tequilas and margaritas, as well as a unique menu. We are a festive Latin eatery with a weekend brunch crafting familiar dishes with Mexican Inspired Flavor.


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The Fajitas were awesome! My husband loved the different salsas and I loved the black bean dip. The service here was perfect. We were sat and waited on immediately. Everyone was really nice and helpful. Thank you Mario!!  Update...We came back a month later, to celebrate a birthday, and the service and food is just as amazing as our first visit.

Sandi R

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We arrived right before the lunch rush and it was nice. There were 2 adults,
and 3 kids (including a baby). A high chair was available and we were able to sit in a booth. The food was delicious! There are many Mexican restaurants to choose from in Frisco. Mario's was really good! The food was hot, fresh, and delicious. I had the chicken fajitas and it was good! My favorite was the bean sauce they brought out with the tortilla chips. So good! I would definitely recommend this place!

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Do you feel hungry for good food and festive mood, while living in or visiting the beautiful city Frisco?

My name is Alex Alfaro, the owner and manager at Mario's Frisco, and son of Mario Alfaro, the creator and owner of the original Mario's on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas, Texas.

I invite you to my family Mexican Salvadorian restaurant, filled with authentic Mexican dishes and drinks, just as well as the festive, Southern atmosphere and interior!

Be my guest today!


Our Mexican Salvadorian restaurant is lively, bright and festive not just in a culinary way, but in regard to our atmosphere and interior too!
Sunday - Thursday ALL DAY